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Dripping Quill Literary Awards

Formerly the GMA [Grand Masters Archive] Awards.

The Dripping Quill Literary Awards was established in 2019 as an international literary award recognizing the outstanding contributions made by independent authors to the literary industry.


In total, there are seven literary genres that are covered by the Dripping Quill Literary Awards, with two finalists in each genre and one overall winner.

It is sponsored by LAIPA, and was renamed 'The DQL Awards' on December 17, 2022.


  • Must be a self-published author

  • All entries must be available in electronic and print media formats

  • The author must have paid all the costs associated with the production of their book themselves


  • Members of LAIPA Association judging panel provide detailed written evaluations for all books submitted to the DQL awards. 

  • These opinions and recommendations reflect the professional opinions of the judges, which are solicited by the author upon entry into the awards.

  • Unless the author consents, the LAIPA administrators will not reveal any information from this evaluation to third parties.

  • The author may use all or part of the evaluation for promotional or personal purposes.

Eligible Genres

  • Romance

  • Young Adult

  • Fantasy

  • Science Fiction

  • Mystery/Thriller

  • Children's Literature

  • Non-Fiction

Entry Fee

  • $100 USD per title entered into the DQL

  • Members of the LAIPA Association can enter for free

  • The fee is refundable only in the case of the entry being ruled ineligible

The DQL award is currently closed until March, 2023

The selection process and prizes follow soon after the awards open.
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Past Winners of The DQL Awards. 
- Winners get their books professionally retouched by our partners: CreatiForge.

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