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Submissions for the 2023 Dripping Quill Literary Award are now open

The Dripping Quill Literary Award is now accepting submissions!

In total, seven prizes will be awarded. The deadline for submission is April 30th, 2023..



LAIPA is a non-profit organization that recognizes the fact that not all writers get the same opportunities or are heard equally. 

Our goal is to ensure that voices and stories from underrepresented writers are not excluded, and we strongly encourage independent authors to submit works that represent diverse viewpoints.

The submission deadline is April 30, 2023. Please note that only works by independent authors are eligible for submission.

Entry Guidelines

  1. Complete the entry form

  2. A hard copy of each submission must be mailed or couriered to the LAIPA Association corporate office 

  3. Electronic books must be emailed along with submission.

  4. $150 entry fee per title submitted (VISA, MasterCard are accepted). 

  5. Please note that LAIPA Association is not responsible for shipping, customs, or duties for books shipped from outside of Canada. In the event that a package arrives with customs or duties owing, it will be declined and returned to the sender. Please ensure that all fees have been pre-paid before sending.

  6. Books will be considered in one category only – please consider carefully the category in which your submission belongs. Final categorization will be determined by the selection committee.

  • Eligibility criteria
    Must be a self-published/independently published author All entries must be available for purchase in electronic and print media formats The author must have paid all the costs associated with the production of their book themselves If the entry is part of a series, it must be the first book The book must be copyrighted, and the author must retain all rights All entries must have an ISBN Books must have been published for at least a year The book must be written in the English language (either as an original work in English or a first English translation of a foreign-language work). The book may be co-authored; however, multiple author anthologies are excluded.
  • These are ineligible
    Traditionally published books are not eligible for the DQL Awards Ghostwritten books Textbooks, academic, scholarly and other specialized publications, academic theses, educational books, reference books.
  • Restrictions
    Each book may be submitted to only one category. Authors must enter their own books and cannot enter the work of another author.
  • How your books are assessed
    How are decisions made? The selection committee assess each book submitted to ensure it meets the eligibility requirements and the quality of the literary piece before books are shortlisted to be read in full. Peer evaluation is fundamental to our decision-making process. Peer assessment committees will review all eligible titles in each of the 7 categories. The assessment committees are composed of writers, editors, critics, and reviewers. Committee members will also be selected with consideration to fair representation of artistic specializations. All peer assessment committee decisions are final. Assessment criteria: Each peer assessment committee must select 1 winning title and up to 3 additional books as finalists. Eligible books will be assessed according to literary merit.
  • General Terms
    Participation in promotional activities Award finalists and winners agree to allow their photographs and public information to be used for promotion of the prize and in other LAIPA promotional initiatives. They are expected to participate in activities related to the award. In addition to the books submitted to the competition, authors are required to provide to the LAIPA Association, at no cost, copies of finalist and winning titles for promotion and partnership purposes. Acknowledgement of LAIPA support Winners must acknowledge the support of the LAIPA in all promotional material associated with the award. Send your books Authors, after they are accepted into the awards, are required to mail a copy of their book submitted to: LAIPA Association 2967 Dundas St. West #740D Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2 Copies submitted are not returned to authors. They become properties of the board and are donated to the local Library at the end of the competition.
  • Fiction
    The Fiction Award recognizes longer works of fiction in novel or novella form in these categories: Romance Young Adult - The Young Adult Award honours books written for readers between 12 and 18 years of age Fantasy Science Fiction Mystery/Thriller Children's Literature - The Children’s Literature Award honours books written for readers under 12 years of age
  • Non-Fiction
    The Nonfiction Award recognizes scholarly, research-based expository writing based on real events and real people.
  • Award Prizes
    All entries will receive: A review from a member of the Shortlisting Committee Shortlisted authors will receive: A certificate confirming their right to brand their title as “Shortlisted for the DQL Award year” Award stickers suitable for use on the book’s cover Inclusion on the LAIPA website with a link to the author’s website Finalists will receive: A certificate confirming their right to brand their title as “Finalist for the DQL Award year” 100 award stickers suitable for use on the book’s cover Inclusion in The Writers Code Publication as a finalist of the DQL awards One review from each of the two final judges Winners will receive: $1000 per winner of each category A commemorative plaque presented at the LAIPA Annual Award conference 100 winner stickers suitable for use on the book’s cover ·An invitation to participate in a reading event during the LAIPA Annual Award conference Inclusion in a full-page advertisement in The Writers Code Publication, highlighting the winning authors One-year free subscription to the Writers Code Publication One-year membership in LAIPA Association
  • How To Enter
    By Fee $150 USD per title entered into the DQLA Professional members of the LAIPA Association can enter for free The fee is refundable only in the case of the entry being ruled ineligible

For inquiries about the DQLA, kindly email us!

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