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Submissions for the 2023 Dripping Quill Literary Award are now open

The Dripping Quill Literary Award is now accepting submissions!

In total, seven prizes will be awarded. The deadline for submission is April 30th, 2023..



LAIPA is a non-profit organization that recognizes the fact that not all writers get the same opportunities or are heard equally. 

Our goal is to ensure that voices and stories from underrepresented writers are not excluded, and we strongly encourage independent authors to submit works that represent diverse viewpoints.

The submission deadline is April 30, 2023. Please note that only works by independent authors are eligible for submission.

Entry Guidelines

  1. Complete the entry form

  2. A hard copy of each submission must be mailed or couriered to the LAIPA Association corporate office 

  3. Electronic books must be emailed along with submission.

  4. $150 entry fee per title submitted (VISA, MasterCard are accepted). 

  5. Please note that LAIPA Association is not responsible for shipping, customs, or duties for books shipped from outside of Canada. In the event that a package arrives with customs or duties owing, it will be declined and returned to the sender. Please ensure that all fees have been pre-paid before sending.

  6. Books will be considered in one category only – please consider carefully the category in which your submission belongs. Final categorization will be determined by the selection committee.

For inquiries about the DQLA, kindly email us!

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