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The Benefits of The Literary Alliance of Independently Published  Authors 

You cannot use the letters LAIPA after your name unless you are a professional member of the association: John Doe, LAIPA.

  • Participation in branch meetings with guest speakers 

  • You gain access to select webinars about writing and publishing

  • Access to the LAIPA's Members Book Catalogue is available to all members of the association

  • You can save on workshops, webinars by third-party organizations, and our writers' conference!

  • Access to a growing number of corporate discounts

  • A chance to advertise your writing-related event on our online event calendar, on the home page of the website, and in our bi-monthly publication–pending review

  • Eligibility to participate in the DQL awards

  • Whenever possible, access to members-only writing and critique circles

  • Networking opportunities with writers around the world

  • There are several opportunities for book readings and other activities aimed at promoting your book

  • The ability to maintain a public profile in our Member Directory - an excellent marketing tool for authors seeking to speak at conferences, organize workshops, or participate in other speaking engagements with other organizations and groups.


A Young Woman Writing


You may apply as a Student if you are at least 18 years of age and are enrolled full-time at an accredited institution.


Until we receive proof of your status as well as proof of the institution you are affiliated with, you will not be able to complete your application for membership. 


The regular membership is open to writers who are new to the industry and have not yet had any of their books independently published.


With this, you gain access to a network of professionals to learn from and resources to assist you. 

Regular members can always upgrade to a professional membership after they publish and meet the eligibility requirements.

Pensive man


Professional designation is available to individuals who have published or produced work and receive payment for their work.

• book author
• freelance writer
• journalist
• scriptwriter/screenplay writer
• technical writer

A membership application package and approval by the Membership Committee are required at the time of application.

Choose Your Membership

Find Your Tribe


Student Membership




$5.42 Monthly

  • Unlimited access to writing resources

  • Discounted entry into the DQL Awards

  • Access to a professional network of peers

  • Earlybird access to webinars

  • Professional development

  • Members discussion forum

  • Listing in our member directory


Regular Membership




$14.58 Monthly

  • Professional development

  • Networking and peer support

  • Unlimited access to association events

  • Earlybird access to The Writers Code publications

  • Listing in our member directory

  • Members discussion forum

  • Discounted entry into the DQL Awards


Professional Membership




$20 Monthly

  • Networking, peer support and entitled to host events

  • Unlimited access to members only content

  • Earlybird access to the Writers Code publications

  • Professional development

  • Free entry into the DQL Awards

  • Members discussion forum

  • Listing in our member database

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