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Contagion - The Contest

A short story writing contest

This month's LAIPA challenge is to write a fantasy story from the viewpoint of a fantasy creature.

Here's the catch:

This contest requires that you write about a creature in a Contagion with some sort of magical quality other than their sudden sentience.

What is magical about the creature? How is it different from other creatures and humans? Be creative!

It doesn't matter what sub-genre you choose, as long as there's a contagion and a magical creature.


  • Perspective: your submission must remain in the POV of the creature you've chosen. They shouldn't shift back to a human form if they have one.

  • Storytelling: the story structure, pacing, immersion, and plot should be exceptional.

  • Technicalities: grammar, sentence structure, and flow are very important.


  • Multiple entries are NOT allowed.

  • Your entry must be no longer than 3,000 words.

  • No fan-fiction. Only submit original stories.

  • No human POVs! Your story must be told by a creature!

  • Your entry must be a complete work (short story or flash fiction), not a chapter of a larger work.


  • Submit a link to your story through the submission page on our website.

  • If you are uploading a file instead, make sure it's either doc, Docx, or PDF.

  • Entry is free.

  • The submission deadline is Sunday the 26th of April 2020 [10:00 PM EST]

  • Participation is open to members as well as non-members.


  • 3 entries will be selected as winners and compiled into an anthology and will also be featured on our website as well.

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